It’s Just One of Those Days

It’s one of those mornings where you wake up, you feel good, shower brush your teeth, and get ready for work.  Not a bad day at work, you even get some writing done in between the busy periods.  In fact, in the last two days, you’ve got a blog post, an article, a history assignment, a second blog post, and the start of a short story going.  Now, of course you don’t save this on your work hard drive.  No, you save it on your flash drive.  Before you know it, it’s time to go home.  Gathering your things, you wave goodbye to your coworkers – the only reason there is cheer in your voice is that you know tomorrow is Friday.  You head out, light up a cigarette, and are glad to be free for the night – especially with so many idea strumming through your head.  When you get home you plan to post your article, post your blog, (at least you’ve already turned your history assignment), and you even get a great idea about this old character development software that’s been stashed on your bookshelf for the last two years.  Also (while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic at a red light – vehicle not moving) you decide to download a voice recorder app on your phone so that you can be safe while driving, yet record ideas.  This way when you get home you still remember what they are.

So far, not a bad day.  You even encouraged two of your coworkers who love to write to enter a short story competition with you.  Spread the writing love.

Except then, you realize when you get home, that in your rush to escape the corporate world for the day and nestle into the corner of the couch doing what you truly love,  that you left your flash drive at work. WOOPS!  Okay, no problem.  So you can’t post the blog you wrote out or the article you typed up.  It’s not the end of the world.  You can always post them tomorrow – even though you were supposed to post them yesterday but were sidetracked by a massive migraine.  Besides, there’s always more to write, there’s always more words to jot down in a notepad or add to the blank white page of Word with a blinking cursor.  Even if it sucks, even if it isn’t the vision you had planned out, it’s progress.  Progress is good.

Okay, so one crisis averted.  Since you can’t post what you wrote, you decide to find that old software to help out your character development for the story you’re working on.  You specifically remember putting it on the bookshelf.  Except it’s not there.  It’s not on any of the four other bookshelves.  It’s not in the drawers or the closet.  It’s not on your old desk that your brother now uses, or with the DVD’s.  It’s not in one of the nooks or crannies of the entertainment center, and you know for a fact that you never got rid of it.  You also realize that your apartment is not that big, and it’s only got so many hidden compartments – all of which you know.  Now you’re starting to wonder if a frolicking, mischief making, invisible imp has somehow infiltrated your defenses and has been following you around since you got off work in order to stifle your creativity and send you into a Hulk rage.

Then you remember to breathe. 

Obviously this isn’t the blog post I intended to post, but due to a series of unfortunate circumstances brought on by the devilish imp that is sitting on my shoulder, this is what you’re getting. I hope at least that it brings amusement to someone as I wait on my Italian food, catch up on my shows, and scour the internet for imp repellant.


Step Into The Danger Zone

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